Founded September 4, 1945, Gabriel S. Ripoll, Sr., began City Office Equipment (now, COE, Inc.) to repair, import and market rebuilt US office equipment here in the Philippines. In 1958, City Office Equipment began to acquire exclusive distributorship of world-famous brands of office equipment beginning with the world-renowned Walther line of adding machines.

After its reorganization as City Office Equipment, Inc. on August 22, 1974, the company acquired exclusive distributorship of a string of quality brands: Oasis Dehumidifiers in 1979, BMC Electronic Calculators in 1980 and the popular Uchida line of Checkwriters and Perforators in 1982. Some time after, Uchida bank note counters and projectors were added to the list.


With over 50 years and three generations of experience and trust behind it, City Office Equipment, Inc. established itself as one of the pioneers and has continued to grow as one of the leaders in the Philippine office equipment industry.


However, in 1992, City Office Equipment, Inc. saw a need to specialize in dehumidification systems. A section within the company was organized to deliver design, maintenance and technical services.


Early 2010, COE, Inc. diversified and added new products: Air Filters of various classifications and designs.

In the last 2 decades, we have supplied the following industries:


• Semiconductors / PCB Assemblies

• Telecommunications

• Pharmaceuticals

• Hospitals

• Laboratories

• Hotels & Restaurants / Food Industry

• Museums/Archives / Photo Labs



• Importer/Distributor of Air Handling and Dehumidification Machines, Parts and Supplies

• Importer/Distributor of various Air Filters and customized frames.

• Dealer/Agent of Dehumidifiers, Temperature and Humidity meters and gauges, fan belts and  motorized valves.

• Service Center for Machine Repairs and Preventive Maintenance Packages.

• Dehumidifier Rentals


Oasis Dehumidifiers

DEHUMIDIFIERS are excellent engineering tools for removing humidity…

High moisture, removing dampness in the air, keeping areas dry, or drying products and equipment fast.

Testo Instruments

  • Ideal for use in the food sector

  • TopSafe: dishwasher-safe protective cover (IP65), protects from dirt and impact

  • Small, handy and always ready to hand

  • Audible and optical alarm

  • Automatic final value recognition (Auto-hold)

  • Hardly visible punctures​

  • Certified according to EN 13485 (only in combination with TopSafe)

  • Easy operation and handling

  • Instrument and probe waterproof (IP67)

  • Conform to HACCP and EN 13485

  • Universally applicable

  • Continuous display of temperature, humidity and dewpoint

  • Max. and min. value display

  • Battery monitor

  • Additional advantages testo 608-H2:

  • LED alarm reports limit value violations

  • High accuracy ±2 %RH


Oasis Dehumidifiers

OASIS dehumidifiers are the most durable dehumidifiers on the market. They are designed to safeguard people, places, and goods from potentially damaging high-humidity conditions. These heavy-duty dehumidifiers extract maximum moisture from air, providing a drier, healthier, and more even-temperature environment.

Prevent moisture and stay dry with the OASIS Dehumidifier!

Here are some areas and situations that need an OASIS Dehumidifier:

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